Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Skype Goes To School To Tell "Once upon a Skype".

Once upon a Skype

What is not fairy about it is that two schools from across the town connected and shared information, via a video session. There were no investments other than the existing computers and webcams. Students in Nada Cuvalo's sixth-grade class at Kennedy Middle School read fairy tales inspired by Ann McNamara's third-grade class across town at Northeast Elementary School.
"The older children recently sent surveys to the younger children through the mail. The surveys asked third-graders a series of questions of what kinds of settings, characters and plots they would like to see in fairy tales. Third-graders answered the surveys, teachers mailed them back and Cuvalo's class wrote individual stories for them." reports Jeff Gilbride of Waltham, MA, The Daily News Tribune.
The project was the brainchild of Cuvalo and Sandra Malec, a technology specialist for the school district. Cuvalo said she tackled a similar project at a smaller school before becoming a Waltham teacher.
It is nice to see teachers utilizing current technology to encourage students.

Once upon a Skype Jeff Gilbride of Waltham, MA, The Daily News Tribune.


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