Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SafiServer Goes Open Source

SafiWorkshop, SafiServer, and SafletCore are Open SourceSafiServer, a standalone application server for telephony applications where on could deploy, simple call routing to complex database driven IVRs applications that are called Suflets, which could be built using the Safiworkshop. SafiServer uses these applications to control one or more Asterisk PBXs. The SafiServer also acts as an application repository for multi-developer environments.
The move to open source could attract more developers and broader adaptation of the platform. We have used SafiSystems in the past but I am sure we will use more now.

"So, as of today all of our source code is available under the following 3 SourceForge projects: SafiWorkshop, SafiServer, and SafletCore. More information about how to obtain and build the projects will be forthcoming in the near future and the new "GPL'd" installers for the current builds are available from our main website and on"

God speed SafiSystems!
Safisystems via ventureVoIP


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