Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Qwest Discontinues Wireless Service

Qwest Wireless Service
Qwest will discontinue all Qwest Wireless service on Oct. 31, 2009 Qwest Wireless phone numbers are portable. Customers who switch to a new service provider, prior to Oct. 31, 2009, will be able to transfer their wireless phone numbers to the new service provider.
In September and October, when Qwest Wireless customers who have not changed wireless service providers make a call, they will be routed to a live Qwest service representative, who will remind customers that Qwest is discontinuing Qwest Wireless service and a new service provider needs to be selected. Once the customer service communication is complete, calls will be connected as dialed.

For more information about switching from Qwest Wireless service, visit http://www.qwest.com/wirelessfaq, or call 1 800-516-0669, or visit one of the many Qwest Solution Centers www.qwest.com/stores.


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