Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Calling Canada Is Free Again With Google Voice

Free Calls To Canada With Google Voice.
When the Google Voice was known as GrandCentral, I used to call my buddies and some professors in British Colombia for free. When Google Voice came about, I lost that ability but still I could call any where free within the United States.
I read today that Google Voice has brought the feature back and I will be able to call my contacts in Canada for free and my account balance will not drop when I call those contacts in BC. Thank you GV,
Also the introduction to Google Voice series, Google Voice For Newbies by the Googlers, Heather and Carol has a new article explaining Why Google Voice users are calling themselves.
Yes I did too call myself (from home phone to cell or vice versa) in the beginning but those days are long gone. But they are talking about how Google Voice works! It is cool when you realize that GV rings both the ends of the conversation.

The article has very valuable tips for new users of Google Voice, like explaining that your contacts are shared among applications like GMail and that and remembering your choices at the computer you were initiating the call.
If you need further help, in making calls, GV has an entire article on making calls under the help topics.
Enjoy your conversations, in many a ways!

Google Voice Blog: Calls to Canada are free again
Google Voice Blog: Google Voice for Newbies: Why am I calling myself?


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