Sunday, August 23, 2009

BlackBerry Storm 2 (Odin) Gets Piezo Electronic Touchscreen And WiFi (Video)

Storm 2 touch screen tech!
BlackBerry Storm 2 / Odin (9550,9520)
According to this nice video by Salomondrin, there are clearly big differences between Blackberry Storm and the storm 2. The buttons on the previous phone which were seperate from the screen section, are part of the screen now.
Blackberry Storm 2 (Blackberry Odin) packs a Piezo electronic touch screen that behaves differently according to the device's power state. The screen is stiff and hard to to your touch when the device is off and it comes alive when powered on and has a touchy spongy feel to it. Unlike in most touch screen phones or devices, everyplace on the screen can be a button.
So when you press on a key, you do not have to worry about activating adjacent key or a button. The creator of the video, goes on to say that it is much easier and better to type on Storm 2 than iPhone or the previous incarnation of the Storm. The GSM and CDMA versions of the phone, both sport WiFi capability.
Enjoy. Salomondrin plans to publish another video on the phone as well, you can follow him / her on twitter/salomondrin
May be you can be the one to post his next video on Youtube!


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