Saturday, August 29, 2009

Asterisk and Are Available For Download

Asterisk 1.6 Branch

The Asterisk Development Team hasannounced the release of Asterisk and Both are available for download at Download Servers.

Both the releases target a bunch of issues in a number of areas in Asterisk.

For a summary of the changes in these releases, please see the release summaries:


For a full list of changes are available in the ChangeLogs

List of issues were resolved:

* Fix SIP transport type issues.
(closes issue #13865. Reported by st. Tested by mmichelson, Kristijan, vrban,
jmacz, dvossel. Patched by: mmichelson, vrban, Kristijan)

* Fix an issue where the 'h' extension may occasionally not fire when a Dial is
executed from a Macro. Debugged in #asterisk with user tompaw. Fixed by

* Fix MWI NOTIFY if Asterisk listens on a non-standard port (5060)
(closes issue #14659. Reported by klaus3000. Tested by dvossel, klaus3000.
Patched by klaus3000, dvossel)

* Check if polarityonanswerdelay has elapsed before setting a channel as
answered after a polarity reversal.
(closes issue #13917. Reported, tested, and patched by alecdavis)

* Don't fast forward past the end of a message.
(closes issue #14554. Reported, tested, and patched by lacoursj)

* Prevent phantom calls to queue members.
(closes issue #14631. Reported, tested, and patched by latinsud)

Full release note


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