Monday, August 03, 2009

Apple Makes Google Voice App Saga, Even Dirtier, Expects Google Voice App Developers To Pay For The Refunds.

Rotten Apple In A Banana Republic
"Apple made it impossible for our customers to receive the fixes, updates, and support by pulling the app. We were fulfilling our end of the bargain. Why should those refunds come out of our pocket?" says Duerr. "The refund issue and lack of respect for our mutual customers has further soured us on the belief that Apple cares at all about their developers … other than the dollars they bring in."
That is a part of what Kevin Duerr, developer of VoiceCentral Google Voice app for iPhone said in an interview with Maclife.
Well I really wonder what Apple is up to, they could have done this much better.
Maclife via Gizmodo


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