Friday, August 07, 2009

Amazon App For Android Free To Download

Amazon App For Android
Amazon has released the Android version of it's shopping app for mobiles. Amazon already has an iPhone App for Amazon and Amazon App for Blackberry. Although all three behaves and acts the same, the android has an advantage over others with Android barcode scanning capability.
If you see a product and want to check the price of that on Amazon from over more than 40 categories, now you can do with a few gestures with your phone.
Once the application is installed, you also have convenient access to your account including cart, wish lists and other amazon related stuff like one click.
The orders placed via Amason App are processed via Amazon secure servers and said to be secure.

Like other Amazon Smartphone apps, the Android version also includes, Amazon Remembers which helps you finding and and remembering stuff that you want waste or invest your money on.
See a nice red picnic chair at a barbecue outing and want to have something similar. Just snap a photo or scan the barcode if it is still intact. The photo will be sent to Amazon to check and compare similar products from Amazon. If Amazon finds one, it will alert you with an email message. You will have a visual trail of all the thing you want and can check out any time you want. But also remember the marketing analysts from Amazon too may glimps to find out your tastes.
But if you are a impulse buyer, this is what doctor ordered for you!
Amazon App for Android could be downloaded from the link below.


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