Tuesday, November 20, 2007

VerizonVoyager.org Gives All The Answers About LG/Verizon Voyager

VerizonVoyager.org, a website with its own rap song, lets LG Voyager enthusiasts ask questions and provide answers about the new cell phone in real-time.

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) November 20, 2007 -- When the Verizon Voyager (http://www.verizonvoyager.org) became available for Pre-Order on November 8th, Verizon Wireless was not the first to notify consumers. VerizonVoyager.org - an independent fan site created by a 25-year old Verizon customer - notified nearly 3,000 e-mail subscribers 24-hours before the company itself. This focused responsiveness was the website's source of inspiration:

"I was excited about the phone, but all my web searches led me to one page blog posts and short articles that regurgitated the same information. I knew there were other people in my shoes, so I tried to create a comprehensive collection of everything Voyager," explained Rob Jackson, the site's founder.

The site received immediate traffic, and when a community forum was added, over 430 registered members began to ask questions, provide answers, give insight and offer feedback on the Verizon Voyager Forum (http://www.verizonvoyager.org/forum). How excited can someone be about a phone? One member made an LG Voyager Rap Song (http://www.verizonvoyager.org/news/lg-voyager-rap-song) in tribute to the website. Membership is free and consumers can access all the information at absolutely no cost.

But it isn't all fun and games - when Verizon's support team gave conflicting information about the shipping date of Voyager Pre-Orders, the community was outraged: "People were upset," explained Jackson, "Customer support was telling our members that the Voyager wouldn't be shipped until after Thanksgiving yet available in stores the day before. These folks pre-ordered so they could be first to get it. They wanted to share it with friends and family over Thanksgiving weekend." If the phones shipped on Thanksgiving, they wouldn't have arrived until the weekend was over.

After making contact with Verizon Wireless' Northeastern Area Manager, Howard Waterman, Jackson was able to set the record straight: "He assured me that the Voyager would begin shipping on November 19th with intentions to arrive on November 21st, the same day it debuts in stores." This information was relayed to readers, numbering over 100,000 since the website's debut in October, reassuring their order status.

While the Voyager comes with an owner's manual and an online operating guide, Jackson notes that people have very specific questions in regards to their personal situation: "Nothing compares to having hundreds of passionate Voyager fans online, ready to provide instant feedback to whatever questions you have." Voyager enthusiasts have described the site as addictive, helpful and "the reason they pre-ordered the phone." Once consumers have the phone in-hand, Jackson hopes it will quickly become the top destination for Voyager owners.

In addition to the community forum, VerizonVoyager.org provides an overview of the phone, a collection of LG Voyager Reviews from the most trusted technology sources and a number of additional features are in the works: "In the next few days we'll have an area where users can freely download and upload Voyager Wallpaper (http://www.verizonvoyager.org/wallpaper/) for use on their phone and we're going to have some fun with contests where members can win gift certificates to Verizon Wireless."

About the Verizon Voyager by LG

The Verizon Voyager is a phone manufactured by LG exclusively for Verizon Wireless customers. It features a touch screen that unclamps to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard and large interior screen. A full HTML web browser provides a rich web experience. Subscribers can watch primetime television shows with stereo sound using the Mobile TV package and the phone also comes equipped with a turn-by-turn GPS Navigation system.


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