Saturday, November 17, 2007

Glenbriar Technologies Inc Unplugs a VoIP Competitor

Waterloo, Ontario CANADA, November 16, 2007 /FSC/ - Glenbriar Technologies Inc. (GBRT - CNQ, G1Q - FWB), today announced another significant replacement of a competitor's recently installed VoIP equipment solution with the Glenbriar Business VoIP solution.

Glenbriar's Business VoIP Solution combines ShoreTel phones, switches and software with integration software for Goldmine CRM solutions and Cisco routers to produce a truly superior deployment. The Glenbriar VoIP Solution was rolled out at the Calgary and Lethbridge locations for Precon Precast Products of Lethbridge, Alberta, replacing a Panasonic VoIP solution that was returned to the manufacturer under warranty.

"One of the focuses of Precon is to automate our processes to do more with our existing people," noted Art Lubin, Sales and IT Manager at Precon. "We pride ourselves on having leading edge technology. The ShoreTel phone system has provided a leading edge complete phone system that integrated nicely with our existing system. We find the ShoreTel system easy to learn and use, stable and easy to support. Combine that with the Goldmine integration and Glenbriar's great support team, and you have a winner."


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