Saturday, November 24, 2007

German Police's Complain About Skype Being Unbreakable Is Crap, They Want To Install Trojan Horses On Computers!

Despite every blog and News sites start talking about unbreakable Skype encryption, the truth is German police have not even attempted to crack skype nor have they spoken to skype. German Poilice just want to be able to put Trojan horses on users computers which is illegal in Germany. News like this makes me wonder if SS (Schutzstaffel) is back in Germany. Only those empty headed people could have come up with such idea.
According to this news article, Joerg Ziercke, president of Germany's Federal Police Office have said;
"they were not asking Skype to divulge its encryption keys or leave "back doors open" for German and other country's law enforcement authorities."There are no discussions with Skype. I don't think that would help," he said, adding that he did not want to harm the competitiveness of any company. "I don't think that any provider would go for that."Ziercke said there was a vital need for German law enforcement agencies to have the ability to conduct on-line searches of computer hard drives of suspected terrorists using "Trojan horse" spyware."

What if everyone is a suspect until proven? Put Trojan Horses on every computer? Just like Governments have always done wire tapping legally since telephone was invented, find a way to wiretap the necessary suspects' communications, instead of blanket carpet bombing of users computers with Trojan horses. I do not want German police spyware on my computers! What if the same Trojan horses were used by criminals? for things like ID theft? remember the rootkits?
Put that bull crap on your phone Ziercke, and find a better solution.


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