Friday, November 30, 2007

Buzzphone is buzzing in China, Thailand and India.

HONG KONG--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Buzz Technologies Inc. has announced a series of developments in the companys mobile unit. One of them is a WAP based VoIP that allows mobile phone users to make low cost calls directly from their mobile phone. This service is free to all members of Buzzs Social Networking Sites, BuzZMe In and the Chinese Xirxi. Services such as VoIP, video, music, radio, news and instant messaging coupled with mobile devices such as a WiFi enabled iPod, and the ubiquity of broadband will result in 100 million consumer mobile VoIP users in 2011, says Sutida Suwunnavid, Chairwoman of Buzz Technologies. WiFi enabled mobile entertainment devices will make up 36% of all mobile VoIP devices sold in 2011.

Buzz needs no special equipment or software, just a WAP enabled phone. Sutida also predicts that by 2011 Skype will have 25% of the world's VoIP users and $1.2 billion in voice service revenues. Buzz is aiming at Market penetration of 12.5% and $600m in revenue by 2011.

Buzz has also released the Beta version of its Mobile Search Engine which operates in all major languages. With this engine Buzz joins a very small group of companies offering a full service Mobile Web Site. The development is around 6 months ahead of schedule and will require the company to move forward promotional programs.

Buzz is about to hit China promoting free VoIP, SMS and Mobile Services. Our Search is already operating in Chinese and a Chinese Section in our PPC ad server is being added today. Buzz Search Engine is fully operable in all major languages including Chinese. and as well as will be relaunched aimed specifically for the Chinese Market. China has 162 million people online. In addition, China is the largest cellular market in the world and has passed the 500 million connections mark.

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