Friday, January 07, 2011

Android Surpasses iPhone In Total US Smartphone Subscriptions.

#Android Surpasses #iPhone
We've seen enough Android vs iPhone debates and knew all along that Android based phones are the hottest-selling smartphones in US and now we have legitimate data showing us so. According to ComScore's latest estimates, Android got in to the hand and pockets of 26% of all US smartphone subscribers in the quarter ending November 2010, passing the Apple's iPhone numbers for the first time, leaving it in the third slot. But both Apple and Android have bee eating  RIM's BlackBerry dominance away. The RIM's share dropped 4.1%,If the CES 2011 and all those Android Phones are of any indication, Pretty soon, Android will be heading the pack.
Of handset market, Samsung seem to be top manufacturer with 24.5% market share, while RIM lead the smartphone sector with 33.5% market share.

As of month ending November, 61.5 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones up 10% from the preceding three-month period. Of these users RIM led the market share with 33.5%. Google Android reached the #2 position in smartphone market share in November with 26.0% (15.99 million units) of U.S. smartphone subscribers overtaking Apple which accounted for 25.0. The Apple is not slowing down but Android is rising faster. Apple enjoyed 0.8% increase from the previous three months.
These giants were followed by Microsoft with 9.0% and Palm with 3.9%. Well I am expecting to see Android on top, pretty soon.Follow the link for more information on 2010 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share


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