Monday, September 20, 2010

Y5, Android Battery Saver Free For Android Users..

Y5, Android Battery Saver App
All of us, who uses (who does not) phone with GPS and WiFi know that both these helpful utilities, drain battery power like Sponge Bob does . It would be nice if these services turn off and on when ever it is necessary. It is much easier with GPS as it will come on only when we fire up an app with GPS capabilities. WiFi is another matter, when it is on WiFi continuously search for WiFi providers and yes drains your battery whether you are using an WiFi using app or not.
Y5, Android Battery Saver solves the problem by shutting off WiFi when you are away from known trusted WiFi Zones. This location based service has another card up it's sleeves. It does not use GPS to find out where you are, Y5 relies on the GSM base tower identifier (CellID) to determine the location of the Wifi network.
Y5 gives Android Users;

  • It saves the battery power. Having the Wifi radio on when no known networks are in range consumes the battery power
  • It ensures the radio is on when Wifi is available thus you always use cheaper and faster connection
  • Fire and forget - the app remembers the locations automatically. You have to turn the wifi manually only once, and the app will do it for you next time you are around again
  • It's light and fast. It doesn't affect the device performance at all
  • It's free
More info at Y5 and you can doenload the app from Android Market for free.


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