Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tipsy Motorola Updates Milestone XT720 CPU to 720MHz

Milestone XT720
If you were wondering about the promised and actual speed of your Motorola Milestone XT720, Britishers and Germans can stop worrying as they will be getting an OTA update boosting to speed from 550MHz to promised and stated 720MHz. The rest can continue to worry.
 The TI OMAP3440 processor will have full power and supposedly the update will also bring DLNA connectivity to the phone. Motorola informed via their EuroDroid page on facebook.

Motorola Europe Hello. XT720 of either UK or German origin can now download new software that
increases the processor speed (to 720mhz) and also introduces DLNA

Yet Motorola could say the 720 in the name is from 720P HD recording capability! Either way, be happy with speedier everything.

Motorola Europe via engadget


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