Friday, September 03, 2010

Set Top Boxes Inside Your TV and Bluray Players?

End of set top Boxes?
Plex -LG Deal will put Set Top Boxes Inside TVs
Plex, a friend of Open Source Project XBMC has inked a deal with LG Electronics to bring Plex's  media platform inside LGs HDTVs and Bluray players.
These will be real challenge to Apple TV and Boxee Box (another friend of XBMC project) if the team execute the deal properly.
Plex has done its ground work already and already works with multitude of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC’s iPlayer. The project also supports almost every codec and format you can throw at it. So in the future, users of LG products will be able to say good bye to the set top boxes or Atom PCs VESA mounted on the back of the TV, like my Lenovo Atom 230.
From the press release, it looks like we will be able to see these LG HDTVs and Blu-ray players at CES 2011. LG is already up beat about the project and it would be nice if other manufacturers take the head, 'cos only LG product I have is a small NAS server, supporting my home development projects.
“After considering many alternative solutions, LG Electronics chose to utilize Plex’s media server platform technology as a part of its next generation NetCast™ enabled home entertainment products because of the breadth of available applications and content and the ease of developing new services, Plex’s capabilities offer our customers’ additional methods of displaying their content on LG’s next generation TVs and that is exciting to us.” said Hojun Nam, Director of LCD TV R&D at LG Electronics
Of course Plex too must be happy to have the Asian Electronic giant behind it;
“Plex was developed to provide a simple solution for navigating an increasingly complex digital media landscape. As our access to a greater variety of high-quality content continues to grow and we create more of our own content, it is clear that we need a new way to enjoy and provide a consistent experience across the expanding universe of disparate content sources,Plex enables LG to more easily offer a wide variety of content sources to consumers using the NetCast™ services.” said Cayce Ullman, CEO and co-founder, Plex.
Plex Press Release
XBMC Project


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