Monday, June 21, 2010

iOS 4 Apps, They Are Trickling In!

iOS 4 Apps, They Are Trickling In!
Since Apple released the iOS 4, now it is about the Apps to go with it. Apple stated accepting iOS 4 ready apps last week and there are already in the app store. Engadget has a list of interesting apps and they are updating it live, so if your favorite app is not here, you may want to click the link below to see more.
Cureent Apps that are iOS 4 ready;
  • Dropbox: Everyone's favorite file-syncing tool can now sync and complete uploads in the background, and also adds in support for fast app switching.
  • Windows Live Messenger for iPhone is now out -- that's new for iOS 4.
  • TuneIn Radio is now ready to play background audio, and support fast app switching.
  • Wordpress for iPhone is now iOS 4-ready as well.
  • Evernote: the notes-in-the-cloud app adds support for fast app switching, and can continue to record audio notes in the background.
  • Pandora: Yes, you can finally play Pandora in the background -- and the quick music controls on the left-most panel of the app switcher even control playback when it's in the background. Nifty.
  • ESPN ScoreCenter: Supports fast app switching, although you'll still have to open it up for scores to refresh, since there's no background updating API.
  • How to Cook Everything: Funny that a cookbook is one of the first iOS4 apps out there, but we're Mark Bittman fans, so this is pretty cool -- it supports fast app switching, so you don't have to reload a recipe every time you close the app. Oh, and it's got newer high-res art for the iPhone 4. Tasty.
  • EyeTV: Watch Streaming TV on iPhone and iPad
  • LinkedIn: Yep, LinkedIn's iPhone app adds fast app switching to the mix.


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