Thursday, June 24, 2010

Verizon Business Enhances Unified Communications And Collaboration With New IP Capabilities.

 Verizon unified communications and collaboration
Verizon Business this week introduced new IP capabilities to make the adoption of unified communications and collaboration simpler and more cost-effective than ever before for Verizon Business customers. Business users will be able to make the Most of Voice Over IP, IP Conferencing with the new services.

  • IP Audio Conferencing for conducting instant meetings that will speed collaboration while eliminating additional per minute charges for calls originating from a Verizon IP-enabled location leveraging the company’s expansive global IP network.
  • VoIP IP Enterprise Routing (VIPER) – a new cloud-based VoIP feature that enables more cost-effective business-to-business voice calls by eliminating domestic or international per-minute calling charges when calls are made between Verizon VoIP customers in either the U.S. and Europe that sign up for the VIPER feature. As an added benefit, a customer using Verizon IP Audio Conferencing will not incur additional per minute charges from any VIPER-enabled location dialing into the host conference bridge.
  • Centralized multi-site designs for Verizon Hosted IP Centrex customers in Europe to aggregate calls through a central “hub” location connected to Verizon’s expansive global IP network, including calls from sites in other countries and/or using third-party wide area network access. Multi-site customers also benefit from a new pricing structure between countries where Verizon offers VoIP.
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