Friday, June 25, 2010

How To Kill An iPhone 4, Just By Holding It!

 Oh What Is That? Your Fail points!
How To Kill An iPhone 4
I still can't stop laughing and smirking at my friend who is holding an iPhone 4 with his finger tips! As per instruction, one finger at the bottom and one per side, avoid those "Steve Jobs' what is that?" joints.
For those people who still does not want to believe that something is wrong with iPhone 4: here is how to kill it.
as per Peter Spheres demo on YouTube;

  1. Disable WiFi
  2. Hold the phone in the 'fingertip grip', observe 4-5 bars of 3G.
  3. Launch TuneIn radio. (Or any streaming service you have)
  4. Buffer and play a channel.
  5. Switch to the Death Grip, aka encase the phone in your palm like you do with any phone!
  6. Observe signal falling to 1 bar.
  7. TuneIn streaming stops dead when it runs out of buffered data.


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