Thursday, June 24, 2010

Solution For iPhone 4 Antenna Problem Found! Scotch Tape, Bumpercase!

Looks like the iPhone 4 Antenna problem is real! Steve Fail! Anyway the fanboys / gals who pre-ordered or stood in line (I saw plenty this morning) are in a lurch now. Phones are not working. They are not working due to the antennae system that Steve Jobs said ground breaking, Yes ground will break if all 600,000 phones were slammed on the floor, at once.
Anyway the analysis so far seem; if you hold the phone completing the circuit connecting two sections, as seen in the photo above, you tend to lose your signal. (Put a scotch tape over it until you get a case)
So the solution to the problem, it seem, as some Apple geniuses have suggested, fork over $30 and get a Bumper case, or any other case, preventing you from touching the edges!
Brilliant Steve, Brilliant!
May be you should give away these pinkies for free!


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