Saturday, June 12, 2010

Green Verizon

Green Verizon
 If you thought Verizon is all about networks, you are not far away. But it looks like they also got their hands on the GRID as well. The sustainability initiative by Verizon seem to be interesting. If the predictions and wanting come to fruition, it will do the world, a lot of good.
Of all computations, I liked this because, we used to rent a bunch of movies from across the town because they were cheaper and had a great collection. But now we almost always watch on demand digitally delivered movies, even though not exactly the way Verizon likes. But that might change soon as I hear, they are coming closer.

If half of the 2.5 billion movies rented annually were delivered via Video on Demand, it would save enough energy to meet the electricity needs of about 200,000 homes for a year
Verizon Responsibility Blog


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