Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nuttiest iPhone Case, Phoneballs. A Case With Nuts.

Nuttiest iPhone Case, A Case With Nuts.
I came across these iPhone covers called Phoneballs! It seems we can't get away from them balls. Now you can have them against your cheeks, yes the ones on your face.
Provides a little something to tug on. We play with 'em all the time.
Protects your data port from dirt and dust, yet easy to tuck back when you need to connect
Soft, grippy silicone case doesn't add much bulk (well, other than those bulky balls!)
If they get dirty, just wash those dirty, sticky little balls with a little soap and water, they will come clean. You had better believe it!
iPhone NOT included
Have fun while doing a good thing. Remember, 10% of what we make here goes to fight testicular cancer!
Get them here.


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