Monday, June 14, 2010

AT&T Apologizes To iPad Customers, And Blames Hackers!

AT&T Apologizes, And Blames Hackers!
I had to laugh at what engadget had to say on the matter!

Ma Bell says the "hackers deliberately went to great efforts with a random program," which is pretty funny -- we can only imagine the damage insincere hackers making a half-hearted effort with a non-random program could have done.
But customers now can laugh off the breach but be happy because AT&T is working with the law enforcement to bring the responsible parties to the bench. I thought Goatse Security did a good job by exposing the iPad security hole.
AT&T also mentioned that they have patched the iPad security hole. In an email That AT&T sent to customers, it said;
Recently there was an issue that affected some of our customers with AT&T 3G service for iPad resulting in the release of their customer email addresses. I am writing to let you know that no other information was exposed and the matter has been resolved. We apologize for the incident and any inconvenience it may have caused. Rest assured, you can continue to use your AT&T 3G service on your iPad with confidence.
Bad hackers I guess, or is it incompetent programming. Either way your iPad and the email address is safer than before.


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