Wednesday, June 23, 2010

iPhone 4 VS Droid X, Droid X WIns!

iPhone 4 VS Droid X,
With both the phones yet to show up in users hands, PC World has done a feature comparison of the two leaders of mobile arena, iPhone 4 and Droid X.
Just Following their analysis, Droid X wins!

Both phones carry Processors that are similar in performance, a Draw

Display even though Droid has a larger Screen (4.3") than iPhone 4 (3.5") with retina display, iPhone 4 pack more pixels, making the display pleasant. iPhone 4 wins.

Storage, with iPhones fixed, 16 or 32GB and Droid x sporting 8GB plus capability to use 32GB MicroSD winner is easy to decide. Plus Droid X base model comes with 24GB for $199. Droid X wins

Camera and multimedia, Droid X has 8MP camera and iPhone 4 has 5MP one. Both capable of recording videos at 720P and PC World declares it is a draw perhaps because iPhone has a front facing second camera, but I beg to differ. Yet it is their analysis so,  A Draw

Connectivity department, both come with WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS in addition to wireless connectivity. But Droid could be a WiFi Hotspot, iPhone can't! Droid X wins.

So as you can see, Droid X wins. Link to the article after the jump.


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