Sunday, June 13, 2010

Call Center / PBX For Your Android Phone From "ringio".

Call Center In Your Android Get your Focus Time Too.
While Ringio likes to say it a PBX in your Android, I would say a Call center in an Android, After investigaing what it can do. Yes indeed it is a Small Business VoIP Solution.
If you are a busybody like everyone else, trying to brig your start-up, small or medium business to function and provide it's full potential to the customers, your staff is never enough, you need that new customer so bad but you will never let go the one you have, your team is running around accomplishing their tasks from every where, then "ringio" might be the answer for you. "ringio" is a phone system that not only routes calls to the appropriate person, but knows who is available and who is not, and also shares caller data amongst team members. Yes the little big Android App can save tons of time as it can serve all the features of a desktop application on the go. Even if your team is strewn over the entire North America, or the world for that matter, you are still a team. Good team always get their tasks done and I am sure you know it will translate into money.
You can find more about "ringio" by following the link below.
Ringio via VoIP Watch


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