Monday, June 21, 2010

Free Calls On iPhone, iPad With Whistle Phone And SIP services

Free Calls On iPhone, iPad
With so many applications on Apple App store, it is hard to find an app you want but sometime news seeps through. This time via VoIP & Gadgets blog of TMC's Tom Keating. He wrote about this new IP Telephony app for iPhone, Whistle Phone, Vopium is another Mobile VoIP App for iPhone.
The app gives you capability to make free calls in exchange for listening to a 15 sec or so voice add.
The app description says as long as you have WiFi or 3G signal, you will be able to join the crowd using Mobile VoIP for free. One will be also be able to connect to any SIP Service, including free SIP Accounts.
It allows anyone, from anywhere in the world to call anyone in the continental USA for free and if you want to make other International calls, you can pay which they say are low rates. You can also get rid of the voice ads by paying as well. All the payments could be accomplished through the in app purchases.
There are in app ads as well but they will be there for all the versions it seems and mostly unobtrusive.
in Addition the app is capable of providing;
Apple bonjour service to locate whistle users on the network, if you are using WiFi
 3 way conference calls
Mute and hold calls with Whistle 2-line setup
Of course utilize your iPhone iPod Touch Address book
Download the app for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad
Whistle Via VoIP & Gadgets Blog


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