Monday, June 21, 2010

Facebook For iPhone 3.1.3, Is It A Hastily Done Job?

Facebook For iPhone 3.1.3  not delivering?
The updated facebook for iPhone seems to a something done in a hurry without much thought put into it. Even though it is supporting facebook Video watching (if you can find any videos to watch), Photos 720 pixels wide and view and write on facebook event walls, there seem to be some gaps in the product and the process.
First of all there is no mention of iOS 4 support, not even fast app switching, the most simplest form of multitasking that the new iPhone OS, iOS 4, which being released today, is bringing.
On the iPad side, only thing facebook has done is demanding imitation apps (like Facebook Ultimate,) to be taken down. There yet to be a native iPad app from facebook. I would have thought, facebook would have done better with iPad, like it did with the iPhone app for facebook.
On top of that there seem to be a UI glitch, in some peoples eyes, and some may not even notice it, but it is still there like Techcrunch says;
this update has at least one glaring UI bug. Sure, bugs are a part of the game, but how Facebook overlooked this one is dumbfounding. If you have new messages or friend requests on Facebook, load up the main screen in the app. There you’ll find certain areas badged to let you know there are updates for you to see — but these badges have a dark upper area that clashes badly with the light background of the main screen. I mean, it just looks awful. How did that get through quality control?
I think ever since the developer Joe Hewitt left, facebook has not found the right replacement. Hope those millions of people who uses facebook from their iPhones are happy and those with iPads soon.
Insidefacebook via Techcrunch


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