Thursday, November 26, 2009

Google Phone Coming Again, Soon, The Super Android

The Super Android

After we published about the first Google Phone, "Google phone coming soon", it went on the digg to become most dugg article on SnapVoIP. Now again, Google is planing another upheaval in the mobilesphere according to TechCrunch.
Micheal goes into say that the phone will be made by HTC and seems be carried around by testers at Google / Android team. It is or similer to The HTC Dragon / HTC Passion which is equipped with 1Ghz Snapdragon processor, run Android 2.0 with HTC Sense, have a 480×800 capacitive touch screen display. Basically a more powerful Droid without a keyboard.
Perhaps the Droid iPhone war will pave the way for the real Google phone, which is slated to become unique to Google as the iPhone was to Apple. I am looking forward to it and I have a feeling that it will provide BlackBerry users what they do not find in an iPhone.
Taking all the rumors (all of the above included) also suggesting that LG Electronics might be building the Google Phone instead of HTC.
But the best so far is that The Super Android, the Google Phone II will be a VoIP and data phone. 3G or 4G Android, based on the carrier.


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