Monday, August 31, 2009

Snap VoIP Honored By Seamless Enterprise Blog In "7 VoIP Blogs 2 Watch"

I was really happy see a twitter message and a fantastic blog post honoring and listing us among industry giants, all of whom we look upto!
We we jumping up and down when we were listed among top 25 Voip Bloggers but this cuts the cake. Thank you Seamless Enterprise.
Seamless Enterprise is group of industry professionals that have come together to keep all of us informed in the field of  IP, converged wireless and wireline solutions. Informed customers and business will be able to harvest a collection of competitive advantages, cost savings and even reduced network complexity. I for one looking forward to absorb their ideas and commentary.
Here are the other six from "7 VoIP Blogs 2 Watch" fellows @fiercewireless @andyabramson @gigaom @rtehrani @tomkeating @ehkrapf 
The editor's Twitter address is @UCVoices  (Mark is also a partner of the ION Group, a marketing consulting company based in Silicon Valley that specializes in social media who serves the region’s  largest tech firms.)

Following is a list of Seamless Enterprise bloggers who also happened to be Sprint employees, But we are partial to Big Kahuna, the Editor, Mark Ivey.

Scott Carter
Steve Coker
Denise Russell Fleming
Christopher Glenn
Dan Jacobson
Michael A. Browne
Michael Velder
Marc Langston
Shaun Ledgerwood
Sushant Mathur
Ron Jubainville
Russ McGuire
Mike McRoberts
Kevin O’Brien
Steve Parrott
Bill White
Looking forward to happy and inspiring posts.
"7 VoIP Blogs 2 Watch"
ION Group,


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