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World's First Demonstration of LTE over Advanced Wireless Services Spectrum!

Another note from CITA Wireless 2008 and Nortel products. Yes I need that LTE Broadband!

LAS VEGAS – Nortel* and LG Electronics, a leader in digital electronics and mobile phones, have accomplished two "world firsts" that demonstrate the mobile broadband power of 4G LTE. LTE wireless broadband technology can put wireless Internet and popular mobile multimedia applications like mobile entertainment and productivity applications, HD streaming video, video collaboration and unified communications into the hands of consumers who want to access them while on the go.

World's First Demonstration of LTE over Advanced Wireless Services Spectrum

At CTIA Wireless 2008 Nortel and LG Electronics are presenting the world's first demonstration of LTE over the advanced wireless services** (AWS) spectrum - special bands (1.7 GHz and 2.1 GHz) in the airwaves that can be used to run 4G wireless networks. Visitors to both the Nortel and LG Electronics booths at CTIA Wireless 2008 will be able to witness the enhanced wireless user experience delivered by LTE with a variety of bandwidth hungry and real-time services, like high-definition (HD) streaming video, transmitted live over the AWS spectrum. The demonstration shows standards-based interoperability between Nortel's LTE Solution and the handset platform developed by LG Electronics. Nortel will also be offering LTE solutions - as well as CDMA EV-DO solutions - for the recently auctioned 700 MHz spectrum.

World's First Demonstration of LTE Mobile Broadband Performance in a Fast-Moving Vehicle

Nortel and LG Electronics have achieved the world's first demonstration of mobile LTE while traveling in a vehicle at 110 kilometers per hour with data rates of up to 50 Mbps - fast enough to support mobile multimedia applications. Customers who visit Nortel's 4G Centre of Excellence in Ottawa, Canada can see how LTE can make long drives and business commutes more bearable by delivering high-speed wireless Internet services like VoIP and streaming video to passengers in moving vehicles. Nortel's LTE Mobility demonstration is a milestone in the path towards true mobile broadband, taking the applications in stationary environments to vehicular speeds.

Both demonstrations are carried out over 'live networks' which means that they have the same characteristics as the real world LTE networks that will be deployed by operators. For example, Nortel's demonstration LTE networks have advanced features that allow them to adapt in real-time to variations in signal strength as the user moves around.

LG Electronics Says…

"LTE represents a major step forward in mobile network technology and at LG we see accelerated development of LTE platforms as extremely beneficial to our customers," said Jinsung Choi, head of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Tech Research Lab. "With this technology, people will be able to access applications like streaming HD video, real-time video surveillance and media-rich social networking from their mobile phones. This is why LG engineers have worked side-by-side with engineers at Nortel and LG-Nortel since 2006 to commercialize LTE as quickly as possible."

Nortel Says…

"At CTIA and at Nortel's facility in Ottawa, we are demonstrating how the combined strength of Nortel's and LG-Nortel's world class LTE technology, and LG's innovative 4G devices, result in a high-performance, end-to-end LTE solution, delivering true mobile broadband," said Doug Wolff, vice president and general manager of CDMA and LTE, Nortel. "Nortel has all the elements needed to bring carriers successfully into the 4G world - innovation in LTE and WiMAX, a strong ecosystem, an all-IP core, and a deep understanding of what consumer and business users are looking for from their wireless experience."

Listen to Wolff explain more about Nortel's LTE strategy. In this podcast Doug explains how Nortel is helping operators embrace the opportunities of Hyperconnectivity and embark on the evolution path to 4G and true mobile broadband.

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