Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Visual Dialplan for Asterisk On Linux Beta

Beta release of Visual Dialplan for Asterisk for Linux

Apstel has released their first public beta of Visual Dialplan for Linux. This is in response to tremendous demand for Linux version of popular rapid application development environment for Asterisk dialplan development.

Apstel Dev team is looking for Asterisk users, professionals and enthusiasts who would like to test and provide the feedback on their experience with the Visual Dialplan for Linux. So if you would like to do so, join the program, help to improve Visual Dialplan for Linux.
Because if you do, you might end up having a copy of final product!. Apstel has promised that the five most productive feedbacks will be awarded with free of charge final product license.

Click here to download the Linux version of Visual Dialplan for Asterisk and send us your feedback at betaprogram@apstel.com no later than March 31st, to qualify for the complimentary final product package.
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