Sunday, April 20, 2008

How To Send Free SMS With Jaxtr

As I promised earlier in the post about Free International SMS service from Jaxtr, here is the simple instructions to send SMS free with Jaxtr.
Now that Jaxtr has started the free International SMS service, You can now send SMS messages to mobile phones in all most all international countries for free through the Jaxtr website.
Another messaging form, Text Me messages, are text messages delivered to the member's email address.Text Me can go to anyone anywhere with an email address.

Using the Send SMS form found on the HOME tab (See the image), type the text along with the phone number as shown in the image and hit Send. It works same way as regular SMS message. The person whom you texted, can reply to your txt (text) message using their own cell phones or through a web link that’s included in the SMS message.

SMS messaging via Jaxtr is completely free and might include an advertisement from Jaxtr. It is fine with me as it is unobtrusive and considering the free service I get, I am fine with it.
To send a Text Me message, log into your jaxtr account go to the member's jaxtr contact page you wish to send a text message to, click the Text Me button, enter your text message and click the button to send your message. As you see it is only for Jaxtr members.

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