Sunday, April 13, 2008

iPhone, iPod app moleskine 0.14 has been released (Updated)

UPDATE: The developer of the program, has left a comment regarding two issues. If you find the application crashing the version 0.18 is taking care of it. The other thing is that I made a mistake in saying that custom icons will be made by developer if you make a donation. The truth is that the custom icons are already there, you will be able to get them only if you make a donation. Sorry about the confusing information. But that should not stop you from making a donation and getting the beautiful icons.

iPhone, iPod app moleskine 0.14 has been released. With this release you can manage your notes easily! move your notes into folders and sub-folders. also a bunch of great looking icons are also available onsite for download.
Danish users now can use Time Capsule in Native language as well.
If you need custom icons for you or your company, the developer will do if you make a donation. I think he already deserves donations for all he has done so far. So please visit and help him.
You can get his applications from installer but you have to add

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