Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Digium and Dicar Joins To Provide SMB VoIP and telephony Services.

Dicar released the following news item to celebrate the selection of the firm by Digium to be a Digium Select Partner. This relationship will look to fill the needs of small and medium business (SMB) VoIP and Telephony needs with Digium solutions, specially the Switchvox IP PBX products.

SAN JOSE, CA – April 21, 2008 – Demonstrating their commitment to provide the world with full-featured telephony systems at low price points, Digium and Dicar Networks are joining forces to impact the world of VoIP and telephony in California.

Recognizing that small and medium businesses have unique communication needs, this powerful duo will promote the latest generation of Switchvox IP PBX products, providing advanced communication systems with greater flexibility and freedom.

“We are thrilled to be chosen as Digium’s select partner,” announced Dicar Networks CEO Armando Garcia. “Switchvox is an exceptional product, backed by a world-class organization,”

Switchvox, being compatible with today’s high speed data networks and traditional telephony infrastructure is allowing businesses to say goodbye to cumbersome monolithic PBX systems of the past - giving smaller organizations the ability to grow from a single office into a global network, without breaking the bank.

“It seems unfathomable that in order to get something better, businesses are replacing expensive systems like Avaya with a solution that costs half as much, but that’s exactly what’s happening,” said Dicar Networks CEO Armando Garcia.

This new generation of Switchvox is a highly advanced telephone solution that provides an innovative bridge between a business phone system and the power of Web 2.0. The switchboard which runs right in your web browser (IE or Firefox) has been proven to save time, save money and provide enhanced customer service.

Receptionists can see who’s on the phone, transfer calls quickly and easily using drag and drop, as well as park and retrieve calls from the parking lot. Supervisors can see which employees are on the phone, know who they are talking to, as well as record and monitor calls.

Salespeople can integrate with and SugarCRM for more efficient Customer Relations Management. Switchvox even integrates with Google Maps, placing a map pin to identify where a call originated, thus allowing businesses to provide locally relevant information in seconds.

And, if employees find themselves performing routine tasks when a phone call comes in, Switchvox can be set to automatically look up and display important information, such as recent orders or accounting data – ensuring that front line personnel are prepared and well-informed. Clearly, advantages that a growing business will find hard to resist.

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