Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Free VoIP Calls With FlashPhone, SIP Compatible Web Based Phone.

Innovative Systems, is giving you free VoIP Calls through SIP compatible softphone that works in the Internet browser. Unlike most other services, you don't need to install programs to make SIP calls anymore. also you do not have to be tied to a single VoIP Service provider. FlashPhone users can make and receive calls using any VoIP provider*.(Free SIP Accounts),The Other benefit is that FlashPhone uses HTTP for data transfer and you don't have mysterious firewall problems or NAT traversals.
So Flashphone users can make and receive calls in any place of the world using any computer or even PDA (communicator), the only thing is needed is the access to the Internet. For example, you can go to the Internet cafe in foreign country and make a call to your relatives minimizing your spendings.
To start using the advantages of Flashphone and VoIP, You can become the Flashphone user after a simple registration procedure. Use your login and password for authorization after you've been registered. You can register here

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