Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jajah Hits 10 Millionth Mark and Joins Yahoo To Provide Voice 2.0 to Yahoo IM Clients!

Jajah, the voice 2.0 provider reached the globe and signed their 10 millionth customer. This is in two years folks (we reported about the Jajah in 2006 as a disruptive technology) and the last years count was 2 million. This is as serious as it gets. It is not only us but Yahoo has also seen the capabilities of Jajah and will be utilizing the JAJAH to provide voice services for Yahoo IM users, closer to 100 million of them!

So what else have Jajah folks done? Quite a bit since I checked out few months ago. JAJAH has opened up their platform for outsiders under the name JAJAH Managed Services, they are known as, “a turnkey telephony service, with everything from network services to billing incorporated in the package.”

Way to go Jajah!

(Disclaimer, I am a Jajah customer)

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