Monday, November 01, 2010

Android (OHA) Becomes The Top Mobile OS In The USA.

#Android Becomes The Top #MobileOS In The USA.
According to a report by Canalys, a research firm worldwide smartphone market grew in Q3 2010 by 95% over the same quarter a year ago. The total number of smartphones shipped reached 80.9 million units (of that 20.9 million units were shipped in the USA). Smart phone market share is a very interesting piece of data to investigate and share. Last May the data were much different;
BlackBerry leads the pack with 36% of market share of  smartphones with Android following closely with 28% and iPhone chugging along at 21% for the 2010 sales.
In the beginning of this month we saw the change in Smart Phone Market. Rise of the Android was already happening.

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The worldwide smart phone market share is still being led by Nokia at 33% of the market (The margin has been dropping for a while now) and APPLE (17%) jumped ahead of RIM (15%).  The report did not say who owns the balance 35% of the world wide smart phone market share but I think majority must be held by OHA, the Android group.
The world largest smart phone market, USA has some interesting data to share. In US, Apple toppled RIM from the top spot with 26.2% and RIM had 24.2%. Even though RIM introduced the new Torch, it had only half a quarter on the shelves. It will be interesting to see what happens at the end of the fourth quarter.
With all these companies fighting for the top spot, Smart phones based on Android is over taking them all. In the US, OHA, (Open Hand Set Alliance) cornered a hefty 43.6%. A share, very difficult to steal from. I am sure forth quarter with 4G playing in the wireless air waves, Android will continue to grow.


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