Saturday, July 03, 2010

Shipped ROMs Is Here To Stay! Says Conflipper.

Shipped ROMs will stay
The mobile firmware site, Shipped ROMs announced today that it worked out a deal with HTC and will continue to operate. HTC sent a Cease and desist letter to Conflipper two weeks ago. They have agreed not to host test or carrier files. I think people will have to settle for torrents and other file sharing methods for those.

I have already removed all test files. They are talking with the engineers to get me a list together. They have said since I am doing my part to comply, that I have no reason to worry about the 2 weeks being up on July 1. That I am okay to keep everything online until this gets worked out.
So because of that, nothing will happen on July 1. I have asked about becoming a license partner with HTC, they said that is one option we could explore.
I wonder what will happen once the test files and carrier files are no longer available? Will the users still crowed the place.
Shipped Roms


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