Saturday, July 17, 2010

Droid X May Bring Hope To Some And Moral Happiness To You

Droid X May Bring Hope
With Droid X making waves, Verizon expects to have many new customers purchasing Droid X ( perhaps some from the other camp, dropping the "Not So Perfect" dodgy iPhone 4 for something that is perfect ) and old customers seeking new experience. Either way you will be able to help some one and feel good, in two ways, just by donating your old phone.
Verizon always had the phone recycling program and their zero landfill policy preventing, damaging substances from harming the environment. So the first reward is that you can join the group of people, 7 million so far, who donated their old phones, and make sure that the phone be used for the best, rather than poisoning some ground water somewhere.
The second benefit is that most of those donated phones are still usable. Verizon refurbish them and sold for reuse. Of those more than 90,000 phones have been donated with free wireless service, to victims of domestic violence. Verizon has also granted more than 7.9 million dollars to organizations working to prevent domestic violence. I am sure you have heard of hopeline program, if not please visit. If you thought that does not happen around you, look closer, it is said that one in every four women experience domestic violence in her lifetime. You may be the lucky one to be associated with one of the three, so please help the fourth one.
You can donate your old phone at any Verizon store. Thanks. (Disclaimer : I work, in my free time for one such organization trying to save the fourth woman.) You can donate your phone via mail as well.
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