Friday, July 16, 2010

Get "Plugged Into Skype" With SkypeKit SDK On Windows And Mac

SkypeKit SDK

Skype has announced the availability of SkypeKit SDK for Windows and Mac platforms. Previously the same was available on Linux platform. But now developers from all three major platforms can work to connect their products or programs to Skype.SkypeKit provides a set of APIs for a variety of popular Skype features, including voice and video calling and instant messaging, it will also deliver Skype’s signature super wideband audio, based on the SILK codec. Any application and products developed with the SkypeKit will have an opportunity to use coveted "Plugged into Skype".

Currently the program is in beta and if you are interested, you can submit a request for an invitation to join the Beta Program. Go get me a Skype App!
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