Friday, July 16, 2010

Apple Facetime, Changing Your ID?

Apple Facetime
Apple continue to grab gnaw at the market share held by others for decades in manner wich ever the fiercest competitors could not argue.
One such thing is what Apple doing to phone numbers with Apple Facetime, it is making the number irrelevant but you ID, and email address matter, like SIP has been trying to do for ages.Apple is tying your ID, an email address, with your collaborations, be it with one to one or one to many.  Very wise move Apple.Apple introduced Facetime with iPhone 4 and iOS 4.
Now we are waiting for the press release by Apple regarding the iPhone 4 Antennae matter. I am sure it will please fan boys. I will not hear it as I will be in the air with a carrier without internet access in the air.
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