Thursday, June 24, 2010

iPhone 4 Antenna - Signal Issue, Got A Bumper? Apples Solution
As we reported earlier, more info on the iPhone 4 Antenna - signal issue is appearing, all over the web.
Some people seem to have got not our problem from apple;

Reader Joe called up Apple to ask about the reception issues, and they said...
Their answer? "Get a bumper" and "it's not their problem".
I told the CSR that if their solution is to buy a bumper, why aren't they giving them out for free? Again, she said not her problem.
Quite an infuriating call - while I sympathize with the verbal beat-down that many of the Apple CSRs will be getting over this problem, they need a better solution than to recommend fixing the problem with their own rubber cases...

Gizmodo has a running review of iPhone 4 impressions and the following comments are plucked off that post. May be one of the engineers have Signal Booster Business!
I am getting horrible reception with my new iPhone 4. Dropped calls in places I never got dropped calls before. Downshifting to Edge frequently also. WTF Apple!
- Justin25
If my phone is lying on my desk/couch/etc.., I have decent service in my house but when I pick the phone up with a full hand (palm + all fingers) my service drops quickly to "No Service". If I use two or three fingers & hold it near the top, I have at least 2 bars & I can use the phone to make calls...
- Slim Johnson
Mixed bag here. I seem to get more bars in areas of my house where I didn't use to. On the other hand, I also seem to get less bars in other areas. Needs further testing for me to make a solid judgment.
- Gabriel Militello
In addition to that there are multitude of videos appearing on YouTube as well, selecting which one to post is a hassle itself.



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