Monday, November 23, 2009

Major Consumer Advocasy Groups Oppose Comcast-NBC Universal Merger .

Comcast-NBC Universal Merger
According to, The Communications Workers of America have joined forces with Free Press and the Consumers Federation of America oppose the idea of anticipated Comcast-NBC Universal Merger.

"With this acquisition, Comcast will have the market power to determine what programs get aired and how much people pay to view programs on every media channel: cable, television, and the Internet, The merged entity would control one out of every five viewing hours in the United States." said CWA senior director George Kohl.
This merger seems to be bad for everyone except the wall street honchos. Some of the main reasons seems to be;
  • Comcast is the nation's largest cable company with 24 million viewers and has control of significant regional sports programming;
  • With the deal, they would add a major TV network, 27 local TV stations, multiple cable channels, Internet entertainment website Hulu and vast amounts of programming and movies;
  • Comcast has a long history of violating workers' rights, firing pro-union workers, stalling contract negotiations and launching aggressive campaigns to decertify local unions; and,
  • Comcast has a long history of non-democratic processes, notably its severe limitations on shareholders rights.
Free Press launched a website devoted to fighting the merger - and asks visitors to sign a letter to President Obama and spread the word about the merger via email and social networking websites. So if you believe this to be true, please spread the word.


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