Thursday, March 12, 2009

TweetShrink, Send Your Tweets To A Fat Camp
Even though I do not tweet a lot with lengthy tweets, there are times that it is hard to fit everything within 140 characters. Also when I wrote about tweetie 1.3, I mentioned about integration of TweetShrink and twitlonger. There was a comment about usage of both. The commenter actually asked how to use them within the tweetie (answer below), I thought of jotting this down.
TweetShrink is available via a web interface or through an Adobe Air application, TweetDeck. Both allows you to post directly to twitter.
Following is an 145 charactors shrunk to 136 charactors without losing the meaning and fitting within the 140 character limitation.

Tweetshrink tries its very best to fit your text within the Tweet limits by replacing common phrases words with shorter ones. Like drying them up

Tweetshrink tries its very best 2 fit yr text w/in the Tweet limits by replacing common phrases words w/ shorter ones. lk drying them up (136)
Tweetie posted the following tip for using TweetShrink and TwitLonger via Tweetie, "type a tweet > 140 characters then press Send for Twitlonger & Tweetshrink options."



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