Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tether Your iPhone To You MAC Or PC
Techcrunch (CrunchGear) has a great post on tethering your iPhone with iPhone 3.0 software to a MAC OS X computer. I have not tried but PC with MAC OS X might work as well. (Reading the comments, it could be done on the PC as well as long as you find a way to edit files!)
TC got the stuff that the inimitable Erica Sadun found and modmyi that first posted it.
Does not matter how, but it works and TC has posted the exact method to get yours working. Provided that you have the iPhone 3.0 and your carrier is AT&T.
I have not done it yet but you bet what I will be doing tonight.
TechCrunch where I found it and CrunchGear where it is written down earlier.


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