Friday, April 18, 2008

Free VoIP for iPhone™ with fring™

After it seems like after a decade, Fring is finally available on iPhone. Now fringsters wanna be's from iPhone community has a oppertunity to be so. Fring is mobile internet service that enables its users to talk, chat and interact with other fringsters and their internet communities from their mobile phones. fring users are able to communicate with each other and with contacts from Skype®, MSN®, Google Talk™, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo!™ & AIM®

LONDON, 15th April 2008, fring® today became the world’s first mobile VoIP application to be made publicly available for the iconic apple iPhone™, enabling users to talk, chat and interact with other fring users (“fringsters”) and all of their online communities, using their iPhone’s™ WiFi connection.

A light, sneak preview R&D version of the phenomenally popular mobile VoIP application, developed in conjunction with the Holon Institute of Technology academic research labs in Israel, is now available for use on the iPhone™ from The pre-release version is designed to both answer demand from iPhone-owning would-be fringsters and at the same time enable fring to learn about user experience, benefit from early feedback and influence the R&D process of the full release version, due for launch later this year.
The special pre-release version will enable iPhone™ users to get an early taste of fring and discover the freedom of being able to take their fring contacts and buddies from their other favorite online communities mobile on their iPhones. They will also have the ability to make free and low cost mobile calls over WiFi & enjoy rich, IM-style live chat with their online contacts, regardless of whether they are on their mobiles, PC’s or other internet devices.
During login, fring automatically creates a single, integrated contact list, combining contacts from all of the users’ selected internet communities. And because fring is an always-on, always-connected application, it offers special features such as real-time, PC-style “presence” indicators which continually display whether contacts are online, away, offline, in a call, on their mobiles or in front of their PCs, providing new levels of freedom to interact and truly take the internet mobile.
All you need to start enjoying the pre-released fring for iPhone is an "opened" iPhone with the Istaller and WiFi access. And, just like all other fring versions, fring on iPhone is free to download, free to use!
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