Friday, January 28, 2011

White House Backs Reserving "D Block" For A New National Public Safety Network

"D Block" For A New National Public Safety Network
The "D Block" portion of the 700Mhz spectrum that US Public Safety Agencies have been fighting for use in National Public Network looks to be getting a little support, this time from White House itself. The Obama administration said today that it is backing plans to reserve the D Block for a new national public safety network, estimated to be worth $3 billion at the auctions. The administration also plans to ask Congress to approve the spending needed to build the mesh network. FCC estimates building the network could cost as much as $15 billion.
Big wireless companies seem to favor the Public safety Network plan, rather than those air waves ending at smaller competitors hands, according to WSJ;

Verizon Communications Inc. and AT&T Inc., which both hold a large amount of airwaves for new 4G wireless services, favor giving the airwaves to public-safety groups instead of auctioning them off to smaller wireless competitors, such as Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile subsidiary and Sprint Nextel Corp.
WSJ via Engadget


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