Friday, January 07, 2011

iTunes Account Auction, $30 For $200 Worth Of Music, Apps and Others In China.

#Hacked #iTunes Accounts
Looks like some bad people in China are auctioning iTunes accounts off, $30 for $200 worth of iTunes goodis from Apple. It turns out to be stolen iTunes accounts.
The low price comes with some stipulations, like the $200 worth of goodies need to be downloaded within 24 hours of purchase.
Looks like it is not a new thing as the evident shows theat thousands of such accounts have been sold over past few months.
"Of course these accounts are hacked, otherwise how could they be so cheap?" a customer service representative of online store has told the Global Times which actually tested the operation with $5 hacked account through Taobao's online payment system, who then provided a username and password to iTunes.Upon accessing the account, the credit card details of a user appeared in the payment information section with a billing address in the US.
The Chinese site Accuses Apple being lax in monitoring transactions allowing iTunes black accounts to thrive. Users have posted on Apple support forums about fraudulent charges according to the same source.
But it looks more like stolen credit card accounts crime than an actual iTunes hack.
China Global Times


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