Sunday, January 02, 2011

How To Fix iPhone Alarm Bug! Alarmgate.

#iPhone #Alarmgate
Just like the Antennagate, aka "You Do NOT Know How To Hold The iPhone 4!", Apple left a new year gift on our desk tops. Many people who were relying on iPhone to wake up found them missing flights, being late for work and having so many troubles. Well my alarm is on a Droid!  and it worked fine, even woke me up to read the news about iPhone alarm bug. But my partners iPhone alarm, which was also running iOS 4.1 went off without a hitch. Perhaps because of the new year rituals, she had to set the alarms anew.
So if you have an iPhone running iOS 4.0.2, iOS 4.2 or iOS 4.2, you can follow the simple procedudure below to fix the alarm or just wait till Monday as Apple suggests.
Run the Clock set an alarm by tapping "+" and set your alarm as you want. Select "Repeat" and set the desired repeat interval and "Save". You are done.

Hope you guys wake up on time and catch that plane or bus.


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