Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Free Calling With GMail Extended Through 2011

#FreeCalling With #Gmail
This is a piece of old information (about a month old) but is very relevant to what we are all about, affordable, best calling. Free is even better.
So when we first found and reported about free calling through Gmail, when it was introduced, we were over joyed. But being early adopters, we were using Google Voice, even before it was Google voice (Grand Central), it was nothing new. at least the technology and the way you make calls. But we like the video calling feature on GMail as well. If you are interested, all you need is aGMail account, a simple plugin for your browser and someone to call!
The good news is that, Google has extended free calling all through 2011! in US and Canada. But it also offers very affordable calls to other countries. Check out low rates for other countries here. So reap the benefits and use GMail Free Calling, if you do not have an account, get one from Google. If you want to learn more about Calling with GMail, visit gmail.com/call
Google Voice Blog: Free calling in Gmail extended through 2011


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